From the warehouse to the road, we make safety a priority and continually make improvements to protect our employees and the products we house and deliver.

In order to uphold our safety objectives, we:

  • Maintain safe workplaces and equipment.
  • Comply with all relevant safety and health legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and industry standards.
  • Provide ongoing safety and health information and training to all employees.
  • Identify and eliminate, where possible, all workplace hazards that could result in an injury or illness.
  • Clearly define all safety and health roles and responsibilities.
  • Consult with staff on safety and health matters and respond appropriately to all matters raised.
  • Set measurable safety and health objectives and targets to support the aim of zero injuries and illnesses within the workplace.
  • Provide injury management services and support to all employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness.
  • Promote a culture of personal responsibility for safety and health.

All TSL drivers are regulated under CSA scores, and we proudly stay below the 65% threshold.

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About Us

At every stage, from warehousing to delivery, TranSouth strives to deliver value to the businesses we serve and to earn the trust needed to support each client for the long term.

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Our Values

Our five core values align with our mission and vision and are the cornerstone to how we operate our business, and how we interact with our customers, our suppliers and each other.


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TranSouth’s truck driving, administrative, and warehouse positions deliver competitive salaries, paid holidays, time off, full benefits, and fulfilling careers in a family-like environment.

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